Nevermore Carbon for 3D Printers

Nevermore Carbon is a premium activated carbon specifically designed for use in 3D printers. It surpasses the competition with unmatched specifications, including a benzene adsorption of up to 48 wt%, a surface area of 1250, and a CTC value of 80.

While Nevermore Carbon is pricier than bulk carbon from Amazon, it offers a number of advantages. First, it is made from high-quality, German-sourced carbon that is guaranteed to be safe. Second, it has been specifically designed to filter out harmful VOCs and fumes from 3D printers. Third, every purchase of Nevermore Carbon supports the Nevermore project, which is dedicated to providing affordable and accessible air filtration solutions for 3D printers.

If you are looking for the best possible air filtration for your 3D printer, then Nevermore Carbon is the clear choice. It is more expensive than some other options, but it offers peace of mind knowing that you are using a safe and effective product that is also supporting a good cause.

£9.49£19.99 inc VAT